Celebrating our customers

Customer Awards 2016 1 (2)Last month we held our annual customer awards, an event giving recognition and praise to customers who best demonstrate Midland Heart’s core values.

The awards, now in their second year highlight of some of our customers truly inspiring and heart-warming stories of strength, courage and determination.

In total 85 customers were shortlisted for the awards, with nominations being put forward by Midland Heart staff and customers.

Shortlisted customers who attended the event were treated to a meal and entertainment from vocal group the Glamophones and comedienne Mrs Barbara Nice before the 12 winners of the awards were revealed.

Sara Beamand, Care and Support Director at Midland Heart said: “One thing I am most proud of is our customers and it is with great pride that I welcome you all here this evening. These awards celebrate the many achievements of our customers and recognise how they have made a difference to the lives of others. Many of you do the impossible, day in, day out. Well done to you all.”

The winners received a voucher for a magic moment experience – our scheme that offers activity-based events to help meet the social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs of our older customers.

The categories and the joint winners:

Customer First

Carl– Jack David House, Tipton
Carl has demonstrated the value of Customer First since he first came to Midland Heart, through his work on the Excellence Panel. He has been involved in the recruitment of at least 20 senior staff in Care & Support, and still manages to put the smiles on the faces of his fellow customers at his service. 

Customer Awards 2016 6Roy– Victoria Court, Wolverhampton
The second winner of the Customer First award is an asset to Victoria Court, always watching out for others and making staff aware when people need support. Roy makes sure that people don’t feel isolated and even going so far as to share his Saturday takeaway.


Paul– Firsbrook House, Wolverhampton
Paul has inspired others through his patience and imaginative skill to express themselves, from card making to creating dream catchers. He has donated the materials for the people he inspires - his only motivation is to be able to give something back.

Dominic Wardle – Cornerways, Solihull
Dominic uses his imagination to support the work of Midland Heart. He has helped to devise interview scenarios which test staff during our recruitment processes and suggested ways in which Midland Heart could reduce our voids by having a ‘try before you buy scheme’ within our services.

InclusiveCustomer Awards 2016 4

Carol– Adderly House, Saltley
Carol changes the outlook and inspires customers from other services she comes into contact with. She made the most of her Calvert Trust experiences and in December she made sure that no one would be alone at her service at Christmas.

Craig– Victoria Court, Wednesfield
Being inclusive means recognising when others might need help or are being left out and Craig has taken many positive steps along this path. He is rebuilding relationships with his family and is supporting his father after a recent accident. Craig makes sure the whole scheme at Victoria Court is included as part of the community by ensuring it looks its best at all times.


Brian– The Briarwood, Wolverhampton
Brian undertook a journey of an immense proportion. At the age of 72 he travelled alone to North West Spain where he tackled the Camino de Santiago walk - a 777km journey he completed in 40 days and 40 nights.

Kyle– The Coventry Foyer
After an accident whilst playing ice hockey in Canada, Kyle focused his attention on his other passion – performing music. He has been writing songs and working towards bringing a band together and his energy, drive and ambition so impressed the Manchester College of Music that he was offered a coveted place in September.


John– The Elms, Shrewsbury
With steely determination John has challenged and sought to overcome a series of health conditions and volunteers at a local homeless centre and at the Link cafe. At Christmas, John bought a goose, and with some help from the team at The Elms, laid on a lavish Christmas dinner. His ability to be open and honest about the challenges he has faced has inspired many.

Customer Awards 2016 7Tamara– Helen Dixon House, Moseley
Tamara came to Midland Heart from Russia. She has overcome the language barriers and continued to further her education, widening her choices and opportunities. She uses these skills to volunteer in her local community and charity shops, and by doing so has gained new friends and contacts. Working alongside medical students to complete a public health project, she has empowered others through discussion, support and comfort.


Billy– Newland Court, Coventry
Billy is an excellent customer representative for his service and his courage and enthusiastic nature is inspiring. Over the past year he has been tireless in tackling new challenges and overcoming personal fears.  Billy has a will to make everyone feel good about life. 

Customer Awards 2016 2Beatrice– Aviary Court, West Bromwich
Beatrice, 100, has seen many changes in our world, from horse and cart to space travel, from telegraph to Instagram. It takes determination and courage to keep up and bravery to embrace change.  Beatrice has used her experiences to help form better services for Midland Heart. She has shared her wisdom in the design of the new Midland Heart website and has been a consistent presence at our Extra Care forums.


7th April 2016 | Customer News | Corporate News