New partnership approaches to tackling mental health issues

Housing And Mental Health

The National Housing Federation (NHF) recently hosted an event bringing together local health and housing professionals in the West Midlands to explore real opportunities to work together to tackle mental health issues.

In the context of the recently launched West Midlands Combined Authority commission on mental health, housing is a key issue in tackling mental health issues. The importance of a safe and stable environment cannot be overstated and housing associations are uniquely placed to play a role in the health, care and wellbeing agendas. 

The event focused on how home based approaches for tackling mental health can save money and provide more long term positive outcomes, how the home and mental health are interlinked and how we can work together to tackle mental health issues.

A new publication called ‘Housing and Mental Health’ was launched at the event. The publication outlines case studies from Midland Heart, Walsall Housing Group, Nehemiah UCHA and Fry Housing Trust showing how housing associations have contributed to support mental health services in the West Midlands with a focus on older people & dementia; loneliness and isolation; learning disabilities and offenders.

Other housing associations involved include Orbit Independent Living and Stafford and Rural Homes.

Guest Speaker Jeremy Porteus, Director of Housing Learning Information Networks (LIN) highlighted new approaches to tackling mental health issues - emphasising the very positive value of health and housing partnerships, and the savings and successful outcomes they bring for individuals with mental health issues. 

To learn more about the event please visit the NHF website.

To download a copy of the Housing and Mental Health publication launched at the event please click here.

16th March 2016 | Other news | Corporate News