Impact on Climate Change

Over the past several years, Midland Heart have been proactive in reducing the impact of climate change and this has been achieved through our commitment to environmental sustainability.  Over time we have undertook a variety of measures and initiatives, which have included developing and implementing an Environmental Strategy, set targets to improve the energy performance of our customers homes, obtaining ECO funding to carry out energy efficiency home improvements, reducing our waste to landfill programme and ensuring customers are informed about green transport routes. All these and future initiatives will inevitably have a positive impact on Midland Heart, its customers and on climate change.

See below for example of impacts on climate change issues.  If you are interested in finding out more about climate change and its impact, we recommend the World Wild Life Fund UK website: click here to view

Ice CapsOverheating

Overheating our homes may release harmful gases into the atmosphere and impact the average temperature of our climate.  A Warming climate can increase the melting of icecaps that will melt into our seas.  This will result in rising sea levels that could reduce shorelines and the number of wild life that finds home close to the shores. 



City smog is now becoming a common problem with London authorities already looking at ways of reducing poor emission performing vehicles in the city.   It is important that we consider every journey and ensure to utilise green transport when possible.  Air pollutants can not only impact the climate but can also have a impact on your health


Flood PlainsFlooding

It is considered that rising sea levels, building roads and other infrastructures on floodplains can cause the increased risk of our rivers and other water ways flooding.  This can have a negative impact on peoples homes and wild life habitats that are washed away in the floods.