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At Midland Heart we believe that every customer should be able to live in an affordable environment where they feel safe, empowered, cared for, and in a position where they can shape the services they receive. We employ over 2,000 people across a variety of roles and professions who are all working together to realise this goal, each and every day.

Career opportunities
There are a variety of career opportunities in our organisation across housing, care, support and business-related activities. These roles include housing management, property maintenance, rent recovery, marketing and many more. Browse through our job vacancies page for full details.

Commitment to diversity
Our growing reputation for working in multi-cultural neighbourhoods through a diverse workforce has been recognised and we welcome applications from people who understand and share our commitment to diversity. Find out more about our commitment to equality and diversity.

Individual development
Our dedication to raising standards means we have opportunities that encourage those with drive and initiative to work in a challenging and rewarding environment that stimulates innovation and brings greater job satisfaction.

We believe that our people make us who we are so we encourage them all to reach their potential and make the best use of their skills and abilities. We do this by creating an environment that enables open communication, empowerment and responsibility for each and every individual.


Positive about disabled people
We are proud to hold this accreditation that demonstrates our commitment to encouraging applications from disabled people and helping them succeed in the workplace. This commitment includes guaranteeing an interview for disabled people who meet the minimum criteria for a role, raising disability awareness across our workforce, and making every effort to keep disabled people in employment.

Joining the team
If you like the sound of what we do, and would like to explore the opportunities we have available, then please visit our job vacancies page to see all of our available roles. 

If you prefer to keep your options open and like to work around your other commitments then why not sign up to be a member of our Pathways team?