How to pay your rent


You can pay your rent online through

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Direct debit

Paying by direct debit is convenient and means your rent is paid straight out of your bank or building society account. You will not be charged for this facility as long as there is enough money in your account to cover the payment.

A direct debit is very simple to set up. You can arrange it with us over the phone or by filling in the form we provide. We will then arrange to take the payment from your bank or building society.

We will usually give you at least four weeks' notice of changes to your rent. If your bank or building society pays the wrong amount, we will work with you to correct this. You can cancel the direct debit arrangement at any time, but you will have to make other arrangements to pay your rent on time.
Customer Services
By phone using your credit or debit card

Our rent payment team on 0345 60 20 540, will take your payment over the phone.

By phone using our automated payment line

We have an automated telephone service operated on our behalf by Using your telephone keypad you will need to key in the details requested including the 19 digit number on your rent payment card. Calls will take around 2 minutes, are charged at the national rate and will cost about 10 pence. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Call 0844 557 8321
Post office

It's free to pay your rent at any post office by cash, debit card or cheque. Make cheques payable to ‘Post Office Ltd' and remember to take your rent payment swipe card with you.

Payzone or PayPoint

Using your rent payment swipe card, you can pay at any convenience store displaying the Payzone or PayPoint logo. Don't forget you may need to check with the shop if the service is free.
Housing Benefit payments

If you are entitled to claim Housing Benefit, you can get your local council to pay us direct. The Housing Benefit department will send you a review form every year, which you must fill in and return to make sure your rent continues to be paid. If you fail to return the form, the council will cancel your Housing Benefit and you will be responsible for any rent which is then owed.
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