Mutual exchange

As finding the right home for you through our transfer system can be quite a long process if we’re waiting for people to move, an alternative is a mutual exchange. You can exchange tenancies with another of our tenants or a tenant of a registered housing provider or local authority. We call this a mutual exchange as you both have to agree to the move.

If you want to exchange your home, you must follow our guidelines for mutual exchange. In every case we need the written agreement of the appropriate landlord before the exchange can take place. We can refuse exchanges in certain circumstances or place reasonable conditions on them. When making our decision we will take into account a number of things, including whether:

  • either person has rent arrears on current or previous accounts;
  • the property is maintained in a satisfactory condition;
  • the property has been adapted for specific needs;
  • you are on our exclusion or suspension list for housing; and
  • you meet the conditions for any local letting plans for the areas you are moving to.

If you want to apply for a mutual exchange, please visit the Homes Direct website or call our customer service centre on 0345 60 20 540.

Quick and easy exchanges with

Homes Direct is quick and easy to use and usually provides effective matches. If you would like to register, log onto and click on ‘Login/My account' to fill in the online registration form


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