Meet Kieran

Maintaining our homes cannot be one size fits all. Each repair is slightly different and requires slightly different skills. However, we have skilled professionals who are more than jacks-of-all-trades; they are masters of all.

Kieran Buchanan is a multi-trade operative for our Property Care Team, our in house repairs service.Meet Kieran

So Kieran, tell us about your job.

I carry out repairs and maintenance work in customers’ homes, covering many different trades. In one day I could go from plastering a wall, to measuring up a fire door, to answering an emergency call-out to fix a leak. The variety can be challenging but I find it rewarding to be able to resolve so many different issues on a daily basis.

How do you find into housing?

Working in the sector, I have gained a vast amount of knowledge and awareness of different cultures, which has given me a better understanding of our customers’ individual needs.

What does a good day look like?

A good day at Midland Heart involves carrying out the works on someone’s home to a high standard and knowing that the customer is happy. It’s a great feeling to come home knowing you’ve done a good job and helped people.

And a bad one?

I wouldn’t say I have bad days. Every day offers different challenges, which I embrace and overcome by structuring a plan of action. Because each job is so different, I learn from each experience and resolve issues quicker when they come up again.

What would you change about the sector if you could?

I would change people’s general perception of the social housing sector. I find our customers are hard-working and take pride in the maintenance and upkeep of their homes, but it doesn’t always come across this way.

What training opportunities do you get in Property Care?

Whilst working at Property Care I have been given the opportunity to self-develop and further enhance my Multi-Trade skills as an operative. I feel Property Care is a people focused business that has an inclusive culture, during the last two years Property Care have arranged and supported me on the following courses:

  • WRAS – Water Regulations Advisory Scheme

  • Unvented Hot Water

  • NVQ – Multi Skilled

  • Tetra & Harness Training

  • Electrical Accessory Replacement Course

  • Asbestos Awareness

I have also been supported within my role and given the opportunity to shadow fellow tradesmen to further enhance my trade skills, this has helped me develop in certain areas and become a more pro-active and productive member of the team.

There are also various additional courses I have completed via E-Learning: Legionella/ COSHH Awareness Course/ H&S Risk Assessment Training/ Safeguarding/ Speaking Out/ Fire Safety

Do you enjoy working with your colleagues in Property Care?

Since I started working at Property Care, I have always found the values of the business have been to be inclusive & create a people friendly culture, always focusing on the operatives development. I’ve always found my fellow colleagues have a Professional, Pro-Active & Polite attitude & are always approachable offering any help possible. Overall I have found all of the staff at Property Care are a pleasure to work with.

We are recruiting now to our Property Care team at all levels, so if you are a fully skilled tradesman looking for a change or a DIY hero who wants to make a career from their skills, get in touch.