Facing fears with an outdoor adventure

Midland Heart Calvert Trust 2 2016In May we took a group of our customers on an outdoor adventure to help them face their fears and gain confidence.

The Myth Breaker experience supports people from a wide range of backgrounds including those affected by homelessness, mental health issues, learning disabilities and older people, to engage in challenging activities to develop life skills and coping strategies.


Since the project started seven years ago it has supported over 650 individuals to stay at the Calvert Trust in Devon which specialises in enabling people with physical, learning, behavioural and sensory disabilities to experience exciting, challenging and enjoyable outdoor activities.

A group of 58 strangers - a mixture of our customers and staff made the journey from Birmingham to Devon to take on a variety of challenges including sailing, horse riding, zip wires, abseiling, and bush-craft skills including forestry and archery.

Midland Heart Calvert Trust 11Alan Jephcott, Resident Involvement Manager at Midland Heart said: “This is a group of people who lack opportunity to get involved and take part in activities. This experience has engaged these individuals to work together and develop life skills and confidence that has a ripple effect on their lives and those around them. I’m really proud of how much everyone has developed and blossomed.”

The project brings together individuals and promotes a supportive team work environment which helps to challenge stereo types people may have about others from different walks of life. This interaction means that people taking part may arrive as individuals however, over the course of a week they develop a sense of camaraderie and understanding of each others needs and they leave as friends.Midland Heart Calvert Trust 5

Stacy who took part in the experience said: “The Myth Breaker experience has helped me with my confidence, it has been a sense of pride and achievement for myself and my daughter, it allowed me to see what I was capable of which was more than I expected and I was able to make some really good friends.”

Alan Jephcott added: “The feedback we receive from those who have taken part is really positive – that they feel better equipped to cope with their own circumstances and more able to take on new challenges and go out and do more.”

24th May 2016 | Customer News | News