Restorative Justice

Restorative JusticeYou may not be aware that around half of all antisocial behaviour (ASB) reports received by West Midlands Police are over nuisance neighbours. Working in conjunction with West Midlands Police, and as one of Birmingham’s largest social landlords, Midland Heart has been exploring innovative ways to deal with anti social behaviour (ASB ) through a 10 month pilot using a technique known as  restorative justice.  

It works by holding people directly accountable for their actions and helps victims move on with their lives, giving them the opportunity to tell perpetrators the real impact of the ASB is having on their lives, to get answers to their questions and to receive an apology. 

West Midlands Police is extending its support of the initial programme in Birmingham and Midland Heart plans to introduce the project across its organisation later this year.

Restorative Justice Pilot

  • ASB problems resolved more quickly with reduced stress for victims
  • Reduction in enforcement actions & reduced costs to Midland Heart and West Midlands Police
  • 50% average reduction in  police time and costs spent investigating &resourcing ASB cases
  • Since August 2014, 74 cases were taken through the full Restorative Justice process, only two referred back needed  further intervention from Midland Heart
  • Satisfaction =  80–100% vs.  60-70% for standard ASB management cases
26th June 2015 | Customer News | News