An evening with West Midlands Police

Amanda - Police Homeless Evening - CroppedOn Saturday 27 February, Amanda Nicklin, our Homeless Services Centre Manager gave up her evening to go out on patrol in Birmingham City Centre with West Midlands Police.

Our homeless outreach workers make regular rounds of the city centre streets during the week. Thanks to the police we had the opportunity to witness how they work with other agencies to support people during the weekend evening hours.

Here is Amanda’s account of the evening:

‘It was a very interesting night, with the police being really on top of everything. They addressed crowd control before anything got out of hand, visited premises to check how the moods were, dealt with some drunk and disorderly folk and made sure those a little bit worse for wear were in the company of friends and had taxis booked.

We had a few call outs so it was hang on to your seat time as the blues and twos were implemented. The whole evening (I was out till 4.30am) was a great example of partnership working with several agencies out on the streets offering support. The police worked really closely with street wardens, ambulance staff, the salvation army and local businesses to name a few.

I was really impressed by the whole night and the coordination of all involved. It was a great opportunity to see first hand the great work that is going on to support people on the streets of Birmingham in the early hours.’

Whilst doing the rounds of the city’s streets Amanda and the police spotted a few rough sleepers who we were able to offer support to. Three of the rough sleepers accepted accommodation and others were happy for Amanda to make an appointment to visit our Homeless Service Centre for support and advice.

Our thanks go to West Midlands Police for the opportunity and a special mention goes to Inspector Gareth Morris who kindly allowed Amanda to accompany his team for the evening.

To find out more about our work to support the homeless click here.

4th March 2016 | News, schemes and services | News