Celebrating community spirit with 'Iftar' meal


Community members of Birmingham who reside in supported housing were offered an evening dinner on Saturday 18th of June 2016. The ‘Who is Hussain?’ Birmingham community group sent teams of volunteers to 8 supported accommodation providers to serve them an evening 3 course meal.

The event coincided with the Islamic month of Ramadan and the concept of sharing and being kind to others. In Ramadan, Muslims end their fast in the evenings with a meal known as an ‘Iftar’.

The services signed up for this initiative were from supported accommodation providers including, Midland Heart, Trident Reach the People Charity and St Basils and nearly 400 residents were provided for. Raj Shroff, Director of Support Services at Midland Heart said: “We are delighted to have been chosen to partner with ‘Who is Hussain?’ for this special occasion embracing the spirit of sharing and being kind to others. This is a fantastic example of faith being put into practice.”

Over 30 volunteers helped organise sourcing and sorting the food and drinks with a number of them baking homemade cakes and desserts. Event organiser Afzal Shabbir humbly thanked all the volunteers and the supported accommodation providers for taking part in this event. He was quoted as saying “without the backing from our wonderful volunteers and the accommodation providers this event simply could not have been a success”.

Hussain is the personality from whom the campaign has been based on and his story is one that includes compassion, righteousness, and standing up to help those around you. This is emphasised in his famous quote “Treat your neighbours as if they were your family”. Afzal went on to say “Birmingham is a diverse city and we were really glad to be able to provide some help to people who may need it, regardless of race, colour, gender or beliefs during this special month.”

Who is Hussain? is a non-profit organisation that has no political or religious leaning. It is run by volunteers whose aim is to contribute to the betterment of their local community in honour of Hussain ibn Ali.

16th June 2016 | News, schemes and services | News