Partnership working with Birmingham City Council at MIPIM

Joe Award MIPIM

A leading midlands housing and care organisation has presented Birmingham City Council with a prospectus detailing how working together can provide an opportunity for the city to prosper.

The exchange took place at the 2014 MIPIM conference where Midland Heart joined one of more than 27 partners from the Greater Birmingham delegation who attended MIPIM, to promote the city's flagship schemes and infrastructure projects.

Joe Reeves, Director of Business Development at Midland Heart said "MIPIM was a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with local authority and business leaders from across the whole of the Midlands.  In particular this was a really important opportunity for us to unveil our ambitious plans for Birmingham.  We have a stake in the city and are committed to supporting the City Council to enhance lives across the region. We believe that we have a range of expertise which can be delivered in a number of areas. We want to show that we can bring our resources to bear."

Midland Heart aims to initiate a dialogue that will lead to multiple conversations with the City Council to explore how they can work in partnership to deliver a range of benefits to the City of Birmingham.

Sir Albert Bore, the leader of Birmingham City Council, said: "We welcome the opportunity for dialogue with partner agencies to work together to provide essential services. Together we can work towards building and supporting future prosperity for Birmingham."

The "Prospectus of People, Place and Economy" demonstrates Midland Heart's long-standing commitment to Birmingham's strategic agenda and highlights five key areas where they believe, as an organisation, they can add value in terms of service delivery, generating outcomes and creating efficiencies.

Despite the difficulties of operating within the current economic climate, Midland Heart believes that greater collaboration and planning with Birmingham City Council could lead to an enhanced and more efficient delivery of local services.

Recent schemes have included Cedarwood, a revolutionary new service, created in partnership with the Heart of England, NHS Foundation Trust, which supports patients who are medically fit and due to be discharged but need additional support to get back on their feet before returning home.

10th March 2014 | News, schemes and services | News