National Scams Awareness Month

Be Scam Smart

To mark National Scams Awareness Month, Midland Heart have teamed up with Coventry Citizens Advice to provide you with some key information & resources to get help if you need it.

Are you aware of the potential scams that are happening across the country in 2016? Coventry Citizens Advice's Research & Campaigns Team have some key facts about scams:

  • £5 billion – the estimated amount lost each year by UK consumers to mass-marketed scams via phone and post.
  • Scams by contact method reported to Action Fraud in 2015: telephone 33%, online sales 16%, email 13%, post 7%.
  • One in ten people have fallen victim to financial scams losing hundreds, sometimes thousands, even hundreds of thousands of pounds.
  • £4,000 is the average loss from job scams with the 18–25 the most defrauded age group in this category.
  • More than half (52%) dating fraud victims reported suffering ill-health as a consequence.
  • 68% of unsolicited pension contacts are initiated with a telephone call, according to Citizens Advice research.
  • £5.2 million – the loss to consumers as a result of ticket fraud in 2015 – a rise of 55%.
  • £20,000 – average losses of victims of investment scams.
  • Women aged 50–64 are the most at risk of subscription traps (free trial scams) offering beauty products.
  • £755 million – the total cost to victims of financial fraud in 2015.

Note. There are some dubious practices which may leave consumers deeply frustrated or out of pocket, for example, a legitimate company providing a poor service or a utility company representative persuading people to switch without any financial benefit. These unfair commercial practices are not specifically addressed as part of Scams Awareness Month. However people who do experience them should contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service 03454 04 05 06 or 03454 04 05 05 for a Welsh-speaking adviser.

Want to know more?

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For more information about how to spot, report and prevent scams go to the Citizen Advice's website or visit Trading Standards website to see what they are doing to combat scams.

15th July 2016 | Other news | News