Voluntary Right to Buy (VRTB)

You can register to take part in the Midlands VRTB pilot on the Government’s Right to Buy website. The gateway for registering your interest will be open from 16 August to 16 September inclusive.

We will update these pages as we find out more on the VRTB pilot, so we can support all eligible customers through the application process. Below you will find some answers to questions you may have, along with some information on the potential discount you could recieve.

You should also continue to check the Government's right to buy website for updates and further information on the VRTB pilot and ballot process.

Any customer with rent arrears at the time of application will not be eligible. Please call 0345 60 20 540 and select Option 1 to speak to our Rent Payment Team and clear any outstanding amounts you have with us, including housing benefit related arrears.

So you can make sure your application is processed as quickly as possible, you can start to gather information to submit with your application, such as proof of tenancies held with any housing association or local authority tenancy and consider how you intend to fund the purchase of the property.