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Following the launch of a new corporate plan the complexity and size of our business, including our workforce, is changing.  A key aim of our new corporate plan is to become an employer of choice across our geography; using our employer brand to attract, recruit, develop and grow talent.  Over the next five years, we plan to make record investments in the services we offer our customers (to become a top class landlord), our properties and our people. Our digital transformation is already underway with the launch of new customer apps and investment in big data solutions. We want to ensure we have the right solutions in place to support the People strategy; delivering an adaptable solution which provides a greater degree of self service, enables a changing business environment, supports a changing reward and benefits portfolio and with the capacity to underpin smart working.  We aim to: 

  • Have a reputation as a leading, inclusive and rewarding employer that people aspire to work for
  • Ensure our colleagues are engaged with the work we do and the differences we make
  • Grow our people so that they choose to stay and build a career with us 

We want to empower our people and managers to have greater control with increased self-service and reporting, supported by streamlined and automated transactional processes. We require powerful and intuitive mobile functionality to promote modern and smart ways of working. 

As part of the corporate plan delivery, we are seeking replacement of solutions for Core HR, Payroll and Learning. The information gathered as part of this soft market test will input directly to the outline business case for the future service. 

The RFI is issued solely for the purpose of conducting market engagement and does not constitute any commitment by Midland Heart to undertake any procurement exercise in the future.  This exercise includes no element of supplier evaluation.  No parties will be prejudiced by any response or failure to respond to this questionnaire, there is no commitment of any kind involved on either side.

This RFI does not constitute a call for competition to procure any services and Midland Heart is not bound by any proposal offered.  Midland Heart is also not liable for any costs, fees or expenses incurred by any party in its response to this soft market testing questionnaire.

RFI Timetable

Midland Heart intends to conduct the RFI according to the following timetable so far as is reasonable and practicable:



Issue   RFI

23rd May   2019

RFI Questions to be submitted by

4th June 2019

RFI Response to questions from Midland Heart

7th June   2019

RFI Submission

4pm 14th   June 2019

Meet the Buyer Event (provisional date)

1-4pm - 20th   June 2019

To access details of the RFI please follow the link below to the advert on Contracts Finder

Clarification Questions & Responses.

Question   No Question  Answer 
1 Are you looking for a software   solution only for your requirements that you would operate with occasional   maintenance or support from a third party or do you anticipating needing a   service delivery or outsource partner to provide these services to you from   without your organisation? At this early stage of the   project, we are exploring the various options available to Midland Heart –   this would include reviewing both an insourced model using software solutions available, through to a fully outsourced model where a delivery partner can support.  We are interested in   understanding what options are available in the market. 
2 When you say "A key driver   for improved reporting is to support resource planning " what do you  mean? What type of resource planning do you hope to achieve To answer the first part of your   question, we want to achieve better reports against forecasted resource and   actual resources and to match budgeted establishment with actual   establishment. Clear dynamic reporting for managers, finance and HR   departments is key to this.  To provide clarity on your second question,   our workforce planning, future forecasting and pay modelling is all done   manually and we hope to adopt on-system processes to support this   element.  
3 Is GDPR a key driver for us as   this has been for some organisations.  Yes, compliance with GDPR is key 
4 What is the full scope of   capabilities that we are considering for the project? Capabilities are still under   review against target solution architecture at this early stage of the project. The principle areas of scope are core HR, payroll and learning solutions. Consideration is also being given to travel & expense management, attendance management, wellbeing & engagement, health & safety, rewards and compensation. However, as these are still in discussion full details of capabilities are expected to be shared during the formal tender process
5 1. You mention in the document   that you had 1188 FTEs in 2018, what is the current number of FTEs and does   this also represent the number of actual employees?
2. Are you looking to bring your Payroll in house or is a managed service   your preferred method?
3. Please clarify the number of HR Admin and Payroll Admin Users that will need access to the solution?
1. Current number of FTE's is the same. Total employees is c1600. 
2. We are looking at all options for Payroll from insourced model through   to a managed service. We are interested in understanding the options and   costs associated
 3. At this stage of the project, we project around 15-20 admin users and up   to 3 Payroll Admin Users 
6 In terms of HR solutions you   have expressed a need for the provision of Core HR and LMS.  Could you confirm if you would need any of   the following Talent Management options included in your quote?
     . Recruiting & Onboarding
     . Performance Management   (Appraisals)
     . Succession Planning
     . Compensation planning
     . 360 reviews/surveys
Capabilities are still under   review against target solution architecture at this early stage of the   project. Further details of capabilities are expected to be shared during the   formal tender process.  However, we can   confirm the following areas of Talent Management are of interest:
     . Performance Management   (Appraisals)
     . Succession Planning
     . Compensation planning
     . 360 reviews/surveys
 At this stage, Recruitment & Onboarding are not in scope. However, we   are interested in understanding whether suppliers have capability in this   area.
7 In terms of the LMS do you offer formal certifications, CPD or apprenticeships that you will wish to manage in   the LMS? If so could you provide some details please?  Our LMS capabilities are under review and at this stage we are interested in understanding what solutions can support certifications and CPD.
8 How many payrolls do you currently process and what are the frequencies of these ie. Weekly, monthy etc We currently run one monthly payroll, and are likely to require a second monthly payroll for our contingent labour for the purposes of IR35 compliance.
9 When would your ideal go live timelines be for this project. Once the full scope of the project is finalised, we will share planned go live dates. However, we aim to start formal procurement in Q3 (19/20) Fiscal Year 
10 Core HR:
1) Please specify that Midland Heart is fine with Cloud or On-Premise   Payroll System.
2) Is there any Specific time system that Mid land Heart wants to Continue for Time & Absence tracking
3) Is Midland Heart using any other Benefits Application?
4) Are there any employee benefits which should be managed (Enrol/Exit) by   employees?
5) What other HR/Non-HR Applications that Midland Heart wants to Integrate   with new HR System
1) We prefer cloud based solutions
2) We are interested in understanding what Time & Absence solutions are   available in the market
3) We will continue to use a number of benefits partners/solutions and have   recently implemented a new benefits portal for this
4) Yes, some benefits are managed by employees and existing solutions will   continue to support this
5) Integrations to core systems are currently under review and integration   will depend on volume/frequency of transactions between these systems.  Integrations under review include Active Directory, corporate data warehouse, accounting system, recruitment solution, benefits portal  and LMS and Payroll.  
11 LMS:
1) Please Mention if Midland Heart uses any Third-Party Learning Content Like Udacity, Coursera, LinkedIn, EDX or any other 3rd Party Learning
2) Please Specify how may in house Courses & content that Midland Heart has.
3) Please Mention do Midland Heart uses Kirkpatric Model of Evaluation in Learning?
4) Do Midland Heart wants to Integrate Development Plans, Competencies with Learning Items and see the achievements of an Employee.
4) Please specify if Midland Heart uses VLS Methods (Virtual Learning) like Classroom based cum Online Trainings through WebEx, Skype, adobe Connect.
5) Please Mention that Midland Heart will be using SF Cloud Content server or Midlands On-Premise Content server?
1) No we do not, but we are   interested in understanding availability of 3rd party content.
2) Courses volumes are under review.    Further details will be provided at procurement stage
3) No we do not. 
4) Yes, we are interested in understanding what is available in this   area
5) No we do not, but we are interested in understanding what is available   in this area
6) We prefer cloud based solutions (in appropriate data centres) 
12 Payroll:
1) Please Mention Midland Heart maintain Court order & Student loan   deduction?
2) Does Midland Heart make Statutory & Occupational   Sick/Maternity/Paternity/Adoption pay?
3) Does Midland Heart maintain company car information?
4) Do Midland Heart have employees working in the Isle of Man, Jersey, or Guernsey and Alderney. Also, please specify the preference on payroll system that Midland has
5) Please mention any company specific Shift payment / overtime / weekend allowance / holiday allowance?
6) Please mention any deviation from Statutory Contribution towards   National Insurance and Pension contribution?
1) Yes. Further details of capabilities required will be provided at procurement stage
2) Yes. Further details of capabilities required will be provided at procurement stage
3) Yes. Further details of capabilities required will be provided at procurement stage
4) No, we do have employees in this area. Payroll options are under review and we are interested in what   solutions are available at this stage (in house and outsourced)
5) Further details of capabilities required will be provided at procurement   stage
6) Our Payroll is subject to English, Welsh or Scottish statutory   requirements.  Further information on   our pension provisions will be provided at procurement stage.
13 Integration & Other   Points:
1) What sort of Integration Methods does the current HR Resource link system Provides, will there be any need of Integration with Resource link after Implementation of New HR solution. (Does Midland Heart use ResourceLink   for any other purpose after Implementation of new HR system)
2) Please Mention any Reporting tools that Midland Heart uses and what sort   of Integration is required for it.
1) Resource Link currently integrates to a number of other systems, but this is largely done through  flat file export/import rather than API integrations.  It is expected that a new HR solution would   replace Reource Link functionality
2) API integration is expected with our corporate data warehouse.  We use PowerBI as our corporate reporting   solution  
14 Is there an incumbent LMS   provider that you are working with?
How much of your Learning Is compliance lead?
How much of the existing Learning content Is delivered online vs   classroom?
Do you own/produce Learning content or Is it provided by a third party?
We currently use an LMS provided   by The Working Manager.
There are a number of compliance led courses, especially due to our work in   the care and support area. However, this is likely to change as we are   divesting some of our care business.    
There is a mix of online and classroom led learning - further details of   splits will be provided at procurement stage
The majority of learning content is created and provided in house, however   we are interested in understanding what options are available to us for   future content delivery 
15 We understand you currently have   a part-managed payroll service. Assuming you would like to continue with this   arrangement, please will you describe the services provided by your current   payroll supplier? This will enable us to give you responses and prices on a   like for like basis. Further details will be provided at procurement stage; however we can confirm that all base data entry and updates are carried out in-house and this is unlikely to change.  In summary, our current payroll provider is   responsible for the FPS and EPS submissions to HMRC and issues a journal to our finance team. BACS payments to colleagues and third-party suppliers is predominantly in-house. This model is under review and we are interested in learning what other options are available to support us in developing a   resilient payroll model.