Subcontracted Maintenance Services

Property Care is the in house maintenance team for Midland Heart set up in April 2012. The team has been delivering circa 11,500 properties in the Birmingham area since April 2014. To assist in the delivery of the works, Property Care is establishing a Dynamic Procurement System (DPS) to deliver subcontracted services for the next four years.

The attached pdf advert below provides you with all the information you need to apply for this opportunity.

Successful applicants will form an approved list of subcontractors and be able to bid for work under the DPS.

Unsuccessful applicants will be advised as to why they have been unsuccessful.  Organisations can re-apply throughout the duration of the DPS.

Suppliers must satisfy Midland Heart that they are a capable, competent and stable organisation.

Suppliers can apply at any time.  The DPS will run from 30th July 2018 to 31st October 2020 and applications will be considered during that time.

Works will be awarded through the 2 years as follows:

1) Major Jobs, such as a significant refurbishment of an empty property, will be offered to capable suppliers to quote against a specification of works.  The criteria (price and quality) will be communicated within the quote.

Midland Heart will typically appoint a single supplier to this type of work.

2) Subcontracted Works/Services, such as scaffolding, electrical repairs and general building repairs, will be parcelled into 'Lots' of work and appointed to one or more of the approved suppliers capable of doing that work, based on variances to the NHF Schedule of Rates costs and quality criteria, for a set term (typically 6-12 months).  Suppliers will be able to re-bid as those terms expire.

3) Ad hoc work, such as electrical repairs, masonry and building repairs, etc where suppliers are cover for the Property Care team, will be awarded on an expected volume/value basis.  This will represent between 6-9 months work.  However, if it takes 12 months to achieve those volumes, successful suppliers can expect to work for the extended period.

Midland Heart may appoint 1, 2 or more suppliers to each 'Lot' under (2) or (3) above.

The final requirement of a DPS is that all communication is electronic.  Midland Heart will deploy the Geometra system from the commencement of the DPS.

Once established early in September, Midland Heart will launch a number of requests for quotes to approved suppliers.

These quotes will detail works, duration, etc.

By the end of this calendar year, Midland Heart and Property Care expect all of the works covered in the scope of the DPS to be awarded through the DPS. 

Only approved suppliers will be able to bid for work.

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