Corporate Social Responsibility

Midland Heart enjoys a number of partnerships with various local businesses, creating mutually beneficial outcomes. As part of their CSR, partner companies provide their knowledge, time, energy and resources across a variety of activities, depending on their skillset, and put something back into their local community. 

Benefits to their organisation can include; increased job satisfaction for employees and higher morale, better collaboration within teams, positive PR and the ability to demonstrate the impact their involvement has had on the community.   

This work creates real benefits for Midland Heart’s customers and there are many ways that partners can become involved, whatever their size, sector or location.

Examples of partner involvement include:

  • Involvement in activities and events aimed at our most vulnerable customers, to increase social and team-working skills, boost self-esteem and motivation and encourage physical activity
  • Creating job and training opportunities
  • Improving outside areas and communal spaces to encourage engagement and participation
  • Developing skills through community workshops
  • Mentoring small businesses
  • Involvement in a variety of other community projects   
  • Schemes get a ‘Mitie’ makeover
  • Joining forces to support rough sleepers in Birmingham

We also welcome your ideas and suggestions!

Contact Natalie Hannam to find out how your business can get involved with the work of Midland Heart. Email or call 0845 850 1020 ext:6323.