Changes to your repairs service

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday that our country is moving to a lockdown situation, we need to change the way we work and the services we provide to you.

What we can repair is changing

In line with the Government’s advice we need to minimise non-essential residential visits and ensure our repairs operatives focus on essential repairs only.

As of Tuesday 24 March 2020, we’ll be carrying out only essential repairs as well as safety inspections. All routine repairs will be put on hold until the lockdown measures are eased enough for us to carry them out. To help us, please do not report any new routine repairs until further notice.

Examples of essential repairs include:

  • Boiler breakdown leaving your home with no heating or hot water
  • Gas leak
  • A full loss off electrics
  • Water or sewage leaks
  • A collapsed ceiling
  • Faults in fire detection in flats and communal areas
  • Emergency lighting
  • Lift breakdowns
  • Partial loss of electrics
  • Faulty cooker switches
  • Mains smoke alarm intermittently activating
  • Loose wash hand basin or toilet
  • Blocked or overflowing drains
  • Toilet will not flush
  • Loose stair rail or grab rail
  • Loose or defective steps on stairs or floorboards
  • Unable to access front or back doors
  • Broken first floor window latches
  • Broken handles or restrictors on windows in homes with children
  • Removal of fire hazards/combustible items in common areas

Safety checks remain vitally important

We will also continue to carry out our annual gas and electrical safety checks in your home. These checks are really important and save lives. We have a duty to keep you safe and will be continuing to carry out annual gas and electrical safety checks and any urgent related repairs during this time.

How we do our repairs is changing

We’ve put processes in place to ensure everyone’s safety during these repairs and safety checks. To ensure we keep you, your family and our staff safe we will:

  • Check if anyone in your home is self-isolating or has been in contact with someone who’s been diagnosed with Coronavirus before attending
  • Ask you and your household to keep your distance and stay in another room whilst essential work is being carried out
  • Wear protective clothing whilst in your home
  • Wash hands with soap or use hand sanitiser before coming in and when leaving
  • Advise you to wipe down all surfaces of the boiler and other appliances such as fires and cookers before and after any visit with a suitable antibacterial cleaner

If you have any questions about your essential repair or safety check, please get in touch.