Hanwood House

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Hanwood House is a supported housing scheme offering accommodation to single men aged 21 or over in a range of single rooms, bedsits and self-contained flats.  There are communal areas, computers and a laundry for customers use.  Staff are on site 24 hours a day.  We provide housing related support for all customers to enable them to move on and maintain independent living.   Our customers have a wide range of support needs and we are able to make referrals where appropriate to external agencies who can provide specialist support e.g. around alcohol use.  The initial length of stay is 3 months in Immediate Access. There are 6 bedsit rooms for customers to possibly stay for a further 6 months.

 Tel: 0121 753 1386

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Are you eligible to apply?

A referral for this supported housing scheme can be made on your behalf through a referring agency such as SIFA Fireside. (0121 766 1700). You can also be referred through agencies working with you such as Probation, Social Services and Substance Misuse Support Agencies etc.