Long Street

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Long Street is a 24 hour supported Housing Scheme for women over the age of 21 with support needs. Providing a safe and supportive environment which will empower customers to improve their quality of life and personal wellbeing, helping them to gain the skills needed to live independently and move on in a planned way
Long Street is a step-down service (or stage 2 accommodation) for those who are a “step down” from living independently. The length of stay is a maximum of 6 months subject to an extension request at 21 days.
Long Street also has 4 direct access bed spaces for those who require additional support. The length of stay for direct access is 3 months. At the end of 3 months you can be moved to step down or other appropriate accommodation. Long Street is made up of 12 individual flats; 5 bedsits and 7 which are self contained; One of these being equipped for wheelchair users. All Flats are fully furnished; with a single bed, chest of drawers, bedside table, sofa, carpets, blinds, a microwave (where available), fridge and an electric cooker.

Tel: 0121 666 5555

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Are you eligible to apply?

A referral for this supported housing scheme can be made on your behalf through a referring agency such as SIFA Fireside. (0121 766 1700). You can also be referred through agencies working with you such as Probation, Social Services and Substance Misuse Support Agencies etc.