Bedroom Zambesi available


Zambesi is a supported housing scheme for single men aged 21 or over.  We offer Supporting People funded housing related support to enable people to move towards independent living.  We undertake a full risk and needs assessment with each customer to provide appropriate support to address individual needs and identify the most appropriate move on options. The scheme has three buildings which offers six self contained units and 33 single rooms with communal facilities including a TV lounge, computer room, a dining room area and shared laundry and bathroom facilities. Length of stay is 3 months dependant based on individual circumstances.

Zambesi is also responsible for the Management of 5 Braithwaite Road which is also a supported shared scheme. (Please see 5 Braithwaite Road - for further details)

Tel: 0121 766 7645


Are you eligible to apply?

A referral for this supported housing scheme can be made on your behalf through a referring agency such as SIFA Fireside. (0121 766 1700). You can also be referred through agencies working with you such as Probation, Social Services and Substance Misuse Support Agencies etc.