Meet Carly

Wanting to know more and speaking to others has set Carly Winch on the path to achieving her second degree.

Trainee Surveyor, Carly, has started her new role where she will learn the ropes on the way to being a chartered surveyor and with a new degree in Quantity Surveying.

After starting as a Customer Service Advisor in the Customer Hub in January 2016, taking calls about repairs, she has now worked her way up to a role as an Administrator in the Assets team, to her new role now.

Carly said: “The Hub was the perfect place to start, I was taking calls about repairs so it was a natural progression for me to becoming a surveyor. Now I look at the decoration of our properties, to make sure the internal and external decoration is up to scratch.

“I started thinking about being a surveyor as I got into the role in the Hub really, I have a degree in Early Childhood Studies and worked with people with dementia before coming to Midland Heart, so it has been a career change.”


It was not without her own drive and determination that she was offered the role, which came at the perfect time.

Carly said: “I am a person who always wants to progress and I had fancied coming into the surveyor role and had been looking at courses before this role came up so it was the perfect opportunity for me.”

She gets plenty of opportunity to complete her university work as well as keeping on top of her work in the day job.

Carly said: “I get study days where I attend university for lectures, the rest of it I plan my own time. I use the study day to do my uni work.

“We are really lucky that Midland Heart are putting us through a five year degree, and another six months to a year to get chartered.

What’s Carly’s advice for those looking to follow in her footsteps?

“I’d say work hard and get to know people. If I don’t know something, I need to find the person who does, so you need to get your face out there to people and get experience. There are so many people who will help you here, whether it spending a day with them or helping you understand different jobs.

“The career progression has been so good here. The career opportunities you have are wide ranging. They are a really good company to work for, they have never said no to me when I have asked to develop. The company is very invested in us.”