Michael's Story

As part of Apprenticeship Week, we have been speaking to some of our apprentices and former apprentices to show what it is like to go through an apprenticeship at Midland Heart.

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We heard from Michael Povey, a Trainee Multi-Skilled Operative with Property Care. Michael has been with Midland Heart for three years, and has now moved onto a trainee role after completing a two-year apprenticeship.

Hi Michael, to start us off, how do you find working in Property Care?

“I think it’s amazing in Property Care. It’s a brilliant place with lot’s opportunities to learn more skills and there are some really nice people."

Can you explain a bit about your role and what you get from it?

“I go to houses with my colleague Steve and we do works on them. I do a lot of the plumbing as I was a qualified plumber before I worked here, but Steve is teaching me plastering. We do all sorts of things, some carpentry, some building, we are all multi-skilled."

“I have autism so I find it very hard to meet new people, so working with Property Care has given me more skills in dealing with people.”

How did you get into your apprenticeship?

“I was referred through the probation service to Midland Heart, and it has changed my life.

“It’s stopped me from doing the bad things I was doing; it gives me something to do on a morning instead of getting involved in crime.”

That sounds fantastic, now you are in your role, how do you want to move forward?

“I want to pass my driving test in October and get a full time permanent role with Property Care.”

Is there any advice you would give an apprentice or someone looking to be an apprentice?

“I have recommended it to a few people and a few of them have applied for it. What I would say is don’t waste the opportunity.

“To any other apprentice, if you get the chance to work with Steve he is the best you can work with. He has a wide knowledge of skills and he is really happy to spend time teaching you.”