Mohammed's Story

As part of Apprenticeship Week, we have been speaking to some of our apprentices and former apprentices to show what it is like to go through an apprenticeship at Midland Heart.

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Mohammed Qumar spoke to us about his apprenticeship as the first port of call for our customers in our customer hub.

Hi Mohammed, how long have you been here and how have you found it?

“At first I was nervous going into the deep end, even after two weeks of training, but the team are really nice, they helped me to settle. We are the youngest team in place, so, being 18, there are lots of people to relate to and get to know. Everybody is easy going, but everyone works hard to get the work done.”

What is it like dealing with customer complaints?

“When I started people would tell me that you would only deal with the upset and irate customers, but in fact I found the opposite, it’s just the way that you deal with them which helps to bring it down.”

How did you get into the apprenticeship?

“After school I knew I didn’t want to go to university, but I was interested in law, English and the humanities subjects. Many people I know have Law and English degrees but they aren’t doing anything with them so that put me off. An apprenticeship gets you qualifications and allows you to get experience in a real working environment."

“My brother was an apprentice in the rent team, so he had already been through it. He put me in touch with the apprenticeship team who would email me jobs when they came up. I interviewed for a role in HR but didn’t get it, but I just persevered and built up my knowledge.”

So now you are here, how do you want to progress?

“I am looking to get a permanent contract first. Then I would like to work my way to become a manager in the customer hub or becoming a rent payment officer and joining the rent team.

“This has been a great start for me to progress upwards. It feels like they have been happy with me and the progression I am making.”

Is there any advice you would give someone looking at an apprenticeship?

“I would say come prepared and do research, they will ask you questions about the company and the role you are applying for. This is what let me down with the HR role I interviewed for, so I tightened up my knowledge for the next one. You also need to try your best and do what you can for your team.”