Paul's Story

As part of Apprenticeship Week, we have been speaking to some of our apprentices and former apprentices to show what it is like to go through an apprenticeship at Midland Heart.

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We spoke to a brand new apprentice in Lettings Officer, Paul Glanville, who has been with Midland Heart for just over a month.

Hi Paul, so you have only been with us a short time, how are you finding it?

“I like it, I like the responsibility of the role, speaking to the customers, and I like making them happy. Most people have said that they have been happy with the process I have taken through.”

Can you describe your role a bit more?

“I am a Lettings Officer, but I am currently on mutual exchanges. This is where customers may be overcrowded or going through domestic abuse. I match them with people who are looking to move into that area to see if they can swap home. I have contacted between 80 and 100 potential customers and a few tenants view each other’s homes.”

So, how did you find out about this role?

“I am a Midland Heart tenant and they are helping us get into work. I was looking for an opportunity and had been seeking work from September to December when the opportunity came up.”

Are you doing any qualifications Paul?

“I am doing a business admin qualification, and I am being given study time to do Maths, English and IT qualifications to bring them up to scratch.”

Now you are in the role, what are your plans for the future?

“I want to stay in the role for a while to become familiar and then expand my role and move up the ladder. Hopefully I can become a Lettings Manager!

What would you say to anyone looking at an apprenticeship as an option?

“I would say do it, you get experience and qualifications at the end of it. Midland Heart is a good environment and everyone is friendly."

“The best part of an apprenticeship is the experience, the opportunity to work in this environment. Who else would offer you this without any qualifications?”

Take a look at Paul's rap that he produced for National Apprenticeship Week.