Why we're taking part

Craig Knapper

Craig Knapper
Resourcing Business Partner

We’ve got a busy few days ahead as we approach both National Apprenticeship week and Careers Week and I wanted to explain why we take part each year and why it’s important to every person working at Midland Heart.

I am a Resourcing Business Partner and along with my team, we’re here to attract the very best people to Midland Heart and keep them here for longer. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

What most people don’t know is the recruitment market is very tough at the moment and it’s only going to get tougher. With the lowest levels of unemployment since 1975, it’s a candidate’s market and there’s fierce competition between businesses to attract the best people. Good candidates have more choice; whether that’s a better salary, working arrangements or benefits package. Growing our own talent has never been more important.

I encourage our managers to think differently about recruiting. We encourage people to hire based on values and behaviours, focus on the hard to teach business skills and ability to add to our culture as these are more important than technical skills, which are often easier for us to develop.

Our apprenticeship programme is unique because all of our apprentices are aligned to permanent roles, which gives them a genuine career pathway to develop and grow their skills. We are genuinely growing our own. We don’t see apprentices as extra labour, they are a part of our team from day one. We’re sharing our apprentice success stories all the time, Mohammed is just one example you can read about

Apprenticeships are just one of the ways we grow our own talent. If you want to, we have ways for everyone to grow their own skills, experience and potential. From our Aspiring Managers and other leadership courses, to qualifications that get you to the next level, to secondments and shadowing opportunities. Not every role is about the technical skills, it’s about having the right behaviours to work collaboratively across the organisation.

We must take every opportunity we have to attract people into the housing industry and grow their skills. We have excellent learning opportunities here and we invest in our people. National Apprenticeship week gives us one opportunity to show how we do that.

If we can attract and retain really talented people then we can achieve our ambitions to be one of the best employers and landlords in the Midlands. We can’t be that unless we have the best people working for us.

If you want to find out more about our team or opportunities contact resourcing.team@midlandheart.org.uk