• Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

  • Will I get a ‘real’ degree at the end of the apprenticeship?

    Yes, all the degree apprenticeships we are offering are delivered by specialist university providers and on successful completion lead to a BSc same as your friends who will attend university however, you will have had an opportunity to embed your learning and gain industry experience alongside studying.

  • Are apprenticeships the ‘easy’ option to getting a degree?

    No, holding down a full-time job and studying takes commitment and hard work. You will be expected to achieve academically and at work at the same time.

  • Is a degree apprenticeship suitable for me?

    Degree apprenticeships are for those who:

    • Have a clear idea of the type of careers they wish to pursue
    • Are willing to commit to work and study, but would prefer a more practical and work-related approach to learning
    • Are ready to start work with an employer, and be based in the workplace most of the time
    • Are well organised and able to cope with competing demands of work and academic study at the same time
  • How many hours will I be working?

    You'll be on a 35 hour per week contract of which 7 hours per week will be dedicated to learning/studying.

  • Will I have a mentor?

    Yes, you will have a dedicated team member to support you alongside your line manager.

  • Do apprentices undertake real work?

    Our apprentices are an integral part of the team, you will be given your own objectives and work load that you will be responsible for to support the delivery of our strategy.

  • What happens if I am struggling with the work or my studies?

    You'll have a monthly review meeting with your line manager, mentor and the talent team to remain on track. If you're struggling this will be picked up and support will be put into place to help you succeed.

  • What can I do to prepare for my application?

    Before considering applying for an apprenticeship think about:

    • If your email address is suitable for work
    • Social media profiles - are they private or is the content suitable for employers to view?
    • If you are interested in the subject area as this is a 5 year commitment
    • Preparing examples for your application that relate to why you would like to undertake an apprenticeship with us
  • What can I do to prepare for my assessment/interview?
    • Read through the assessment invite and ask any questions you may have via email or call us
    • Review your examples you provided in your application
    • Research the organisation and industry and prepare some notes
    • Practice some typical interview questions
    • Final preparation before your interview get ready to impress
    • Be early
    • Double check what you have been asked to bring
    • Go over your application and prepare notes
    • Check the dress code
    • Prepare some examples
    • Be passionate and enthusiastic
    • Prepare questions for the panel