• Software Engineer

    Our digital transformation will be key to achieving our corporate plan

Software Engineer

What you'll need
What you'll get from us
How long will it take?
Where you'll be

Minimum 5 GCSE graded 9-4 must include English and Maths
Minimum 3 A-levels Grade B or above (at least one subject to be Maths, Computer Science or Business Studies) or equivalent qualification

A competitive salary of £18,000 per annum
A BSc (Hons) in Digital and Technology Solutions

 We’ll pay your tuition fees

 You’ll earn £18,000 per year, whilst studying

 Gain a Bachelor’s degree and apprenticeships standard qualification

 You graduate with five years professional experience

 Access our Brilliant Benefits (as well as usual student discounts)

 We dedicate time for you to study during the working week

 Industry recognised membership access

 You’ll be offered further workplace learning opportunities

 Receive guidance and mentoring from specialists in your field

 Guaranteed permanent role upon successful completion of apprenticeship.

Your degree apprenticeship will take 5 years, here's a breakdown of what's involved:

Academic Year

Modules to study
Year 1
  • Foundations of technology solutions
  • Professional practice
  • Problem solving
  • Computer systems and networks
  • Systems development
  • Introduction to business organisations
  • Internet computing
Year 2
  • Professional and social aspects of computing
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Internet applications and technique
Year 3

Software Engineer Specialism:

  • Mathematics for computing professionals
  • Software engineering
  • Programming language concepts
  • Operating systems
  • Java program construction
  • Data structures and algorithms with Java
Year 4
  • Information security
  • Software project management
  • Data mining
  • Testing and reliable software engineering
  • Interaction design
Year 5
  • Advanced database systems
  • Enterprise computing strategies
  • Managing people
  • Mobile development
  • Enterprise application technology
  • Geographic information systems

You'll be based in our central Birmingham offices, the Degree is delivered in partnership with Aston University

What's the job?

You’ll design, build and test high quality software solutions ensuring they’re both robust and secure. The code you produce will be the written to the highest standard. You’ll gain knowledge of every stage of the software development process.

While studying with us you’ll learn about technology solutions, human - computer interaction as well as the flexibility to choose your own modules later on in your studies. You’ll be supported by highly experienced colleagues using what you learn and applying it in practice with us.

On successful completion

You’ll be a qualified Software Engineer with extensive experience and a BSc (Hons) in Digital and Technology Solutions.

Meet the team

We support staff with various technology issues and enjoy helping our fellow colleagues to be the best they can be. There’s a great team spirit and we love decorating our desks, getting festive and getting involved in activities across the organisation.

- Ciaran Keane, Technical Services Analyst

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