Meet Shuborne

Last year, working alongside University College Birmingham, we developed a bespoke programme to inspire our future managers. The 12 month long Aspiring Managers programme is a key element of our strategy to grow our own talent and create an environment where people can really develop their careers.

One of the first crop of Aspiring Managers, Shuborne has worked hard throughout her three year journey to recently becoming a Team Leader in Housing Management within the Housing Hub.

She joined Midland Heart in April 2015 working in housing and repairs, after around a year both teams were separated and Shuborne chose to move into the Housing Management Hub as a Customer Service Officer. This was just the start of her career path with us.

Shuborne was offered the opportunity to learn the theory behind the skills she was picking up, and she jumped at the chance to apply for the Aspiring Managers programme.

She said: “When I heard about the Aspiring Managers, my Operations Manager and the rest of Housing Team Leaders thought it was a fantastic idea for me to go on back in October 2017.

“I have learned about the theory behind leadership styles which I may have not got without doing the course. I have been encouraged to put that theory into practice.”

“I carried on acting up and managing a share of the team where I started doing one to ones, difficult conversations and floor managing while a Team Leader who managed a separate team went on a secondment. As the Team Leader came back, another Team Leader job came up within the Housing Hub which I applied for and got!”

So would she recommend the Aspiring Managers course?

“Yes. I have already advised a number of colleagues to apply for it. It is definitely a course worth doing; it was really good for me.

“I always say if you never try you will never know. Push yourself, always keep learning and you can never know too much. My Operations Manager and the Housing Management Team Leaders gave advice and feedback throughout my journey which I feel was vital to where I am today.!


“The Aspiring Managers course has taught me that there is theory is so many things and more so in leadership. The course sits really well if you are acting up within a role or taking on more responsibilities and gives you the knowledge to understand the role of a Team Leader. You also learn a great deal about yourself and realise your potential.”

This is the first programme of its kind and utilises funds from the new Apprenticeship Levy. The first cohort of 20 staff come from a diverse range of departments at Midland Heart, including operations, finance, corporate affairs and governance.  With the learners age’s ranging from early 20s to late 40s, we are proving it is never too late to learn.