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 We awarded contracts for grounds maintenance, at our housing schemes, across 18 Lots in December 2017. The duration of each contract is five years, with the option for us to extend for a further five years.

Within the first year, we received feedback from many customers who pay for the service. We have used this feedback to review the grounds maintenance contract and change the service.

We have written to all customers who receive grounds maintenance service at their property to let them know about a change to their service charges. If you are one of these customers and have questions or feedback, please get in touch within the next four weeks (no later than the 30 June 2019) to:

Environmental Contract First Floor,
Midland Heart,
20 Bath Row,
B15 1LZ

or email us:

If you receive Housing Benefit then you will need to inform them of the change. If you are on Universal Credit, you will need to update your Journal. If you pay us by Direct Debit, we will change it as of 1 July 2019, you will receive notification from Allpay about these changes.

Could you be a Place Champion?

We now have customers acting as Place Champions. With volunteers working with us to monitor the communal service. They carry out monthly inspections to confirm the service has been provided and meets the specification.

We give training and support to customers who volunteer as Place Champions.

If you are interested in becoming a Place Champion or want to find out more, contact: