You should always feel safe and secure in your home. So if you have any repairs or concerns, please let us know immediately and we’ll look in to it.

Take a look below to see how together we can make your home are safe.

How can I keep my home safe?
How do you keep my home safe?
Report a repair/concern

To keep your home secure:

  • Make sure doors are closed properly when you're coming in and going out 
  • Never let anyone in that you’re not expecting or who shouldn’t be there
  • Contact us to report vandalism or security issues, or report it to the police when needed

Staying away from home

If you plan on being away from home, remember to make sure all doors and windows are locked and consider asking a friend or family member to keep an eye on your home. It's also a good idea to consider turning the heating down.

If you plan on being away for more than 28 days, please let us know as we may need access your home in an emergency. If we can’t contact you, we may think you've abandoned your home and start proceedings to re-let your home to someone else.

Additional security

If you'd like to carry out safety or security improvements to your home, such as fitting additional locks or installing CCTV, you must get permission from us first. You can do this with a home improvement form.

Monthly inspections

Our Rangers and Estates teams carry out monthly inspections of our buildings to make sure there are no potential fire risks, such as issues with security, or items being stored in the communal areas.

They check the quality of communal services such as cleaning and grounds maintenance, to maintain the standard of our properties.

Door entry systems

Your communal entrance may be fitted with a door entry system to keep shared spaces secure. 

Door entry systems help keep you and your neighbours safe. They also help to prevent issues such as vandalism and other members of the public misusing the space.

Other security measures

We’ll make sure internal and external areas are well lit, and some of our buildings have other security features such as CCTV and gates.

We have a mobile caretaking service (service charge applicable) who support us in identifying safety and security issues, and respond to concerns of anti-social behaviour, happening out of our normal working hours.  

How do I report a repair?

Examples of a security related repair are:

  • Front or back door not closing/locking
  • Communal door entry system not working properly
  • Ground floor window not closing/locking
  • Electric gate not working properly

To report a repair, please click here.

How do I report a concern?

Examples of a security concern are:

  • You’re concerned others in your block are not taking the security of the building seriously and letting members of the public in
  • We’ve completed repairs a number of times but you’re concerned the issue still hasn’t been resolved

To report a concern, please click here.