Kitchen and bathroom refurbishments receive top marks

Midland Heart 12 Days Of Christmas 12Over 1,200 of our customers got a new kitchen or bathroom during 2018 – and even more can look forward to a new one installed in the year ahead! 

We have a £multi-million programme of refurbishment to improve our general needs properties and the quality of our customers’ lives. 

Alison Archer, Contracts Manager at Midland Heart, said: “It’s a rolling programme of improvement and a significant investment. Between January and December 2018 we replaced 757 kitchens and 454 bathrooms in our properties and for the same period next year the figures will be 933 kitchens and 701 bathrooms.  

“This shows the importance we place on improving our existing housing stock and consequently the quality of our tenants’ lives. 

“In addition to these planned replacements we also have a budget set aside for renewing any damaged sanitary ware and kitchen units in our void properties before they are re-let.”  

Customers getting new kitchens are involved in the planning and design of the room and are able to select a kitchen unit, worktop and handle set with a tile choice and flooring from a range of finishes and colours.  Electrical wiring into the kitchen is replaced to ensure it meets regulations and the makeover includes a full paint redecoration of the room.  

Alison added: “Involving our customers is an important element of our kitchen replacement programme. Our designers Rixonway work with each individual customer to ensure they were happy with what they have selected and then provide them with a 3D image of their new kitchen.” 

Brian Dudley of Handsworth, Birmingham recently received the 10000th kitchen installed by Lovell during a four-year contract with Midland Heart.  He said: “I’m so pleased with my new kitchen.  It was great to be involved in the planning and have a choice of units and colours. It means everyone’s kitchen in the flats is different. 

“The workmen did a magic job,” he added, “whilst I made them cups of tea to keep them going. Nothing was too much effort and they showed me a great deal of respect. Every day the supervisor visited and checked on progress and answered all my queries.”  

In a questionnaire following installation, Mr Dudley gave his new kitchen top marks and the replacement service an overall 10 out of 10. 

5th January 2019 | 2018 | 12 Days of Christmas