Our staff are equipped to help you report hate crime

Hate Crime Awareness Week

Our members of staff have recently undergone training to make them more aware, and for them to help you resolve hate crime.

As part of Hate Crime Awareness Week (16-22 October), PC Gary Stack from West Midlands Police delivered training to our Housing Management Team, to give them more knowledge on hate crime and to help them to train our customers on how to use the force’s ‘Report It’ website.

The website can enable you to report hate crimes directly to the police yourselves in a confidential and safe environment.

Vicki Brownhill, Operations Manager said: “We are a third party reporting centre for the police, and whilst the session was run by West Midlands Police, the ‘report it’ website works nationally.

“One of the aims of third party reporting centres is to encourage reporting as there are still many barriers to victims preventing reporting. The ‘report it’ website can be used directly by customers, in fact this is what we want to encourage, but staff can also log incident on a customer’s behalf.”

This is part of a range of training that West Midlands Police has provided the team to help them resolve a number of disputes between customers, before it is necessary to involve the police.

A hate crime is defined as ‘a criminal act committed against a person or their property based on hostility toward that person’s race, religious belief, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability.’

This forms part of our updated Anti-social behaviour policy that we released recently.

If you need to report a hate crime go to www.report-it.org.uk or contact us for more advice.

16th October 2017 | 2017 | Customer News