Swindon sewing club’s donations go international

Sewing Club

A sewing group set up in one of our residential homes has stitched their way to international success to help young women, dogs and residents.

The eight-member group from Cirencester Court, Swindon have sewed more than 50 sundresses to donate to ‘Dress a Girl Around the World’ – an international campaign to bring dignity to women living in impoverished areas.

The group have also made over 60 dog bandannas for Battersea Dogs Home which will be used to help calm restless dogs. Materials for both items were either donated or brought by fellow Cirencester Court residents.

Set up three years ago after receiving support from Midland Heart, the group started by making household goods like doorstops, peg bags and aprons, which were then sold. Profits were used to buy furniture, make cushion covers and fund outings for residents.

Doreen Osborne, one of the group’s members, said: “It is great to be able to carry on sewing in the company of friends and make items which is positive and will go to help less fortunate people. Also to sell items and support our group with equipment and days out.”

Scheme Manager, Donald O’Neill, said: “I think the group is fantastic, it provides an opportunity for residents to meet up with a purpose which ultimately supports other residents through raising funds for equipment for the scheme and resident outings.

“It is also a great opportunity for residents who may wish to try a new activity or rekindle their love of sewing from years gone by.”

The group are now making battery operated syringe driver shoulder bags for patients at the Prospect Hospice – a charity organisation in Swindon, so they can be mobile during their stay.

22nd May 2017 | 2017 | Customer News