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  • Have you checked your heating?

    Many people run into problems with their central heating and boilers when they have not been used over the summer. There are a few things you can do to make sure that your heating works when you need it the most.

    Added on 16th September 2019 |

  • Don't let loan sharks bite this Christmas

    Don’t turn to predatory loan sharks to solve your Christmas money worries this year. The Stop Loan Sharks project has launched a national campaign to raise awareness of illegal money lenders and provide guidance on where help can be found.

    Added on 5th December 2018 |

  • Hail Sir Geoffrey!

    Children at Shoemaker Court in Rushden, Northamptonshire got the chance recently to find out about pet ownership.

    Added on 22nd November 2018 |

  • We need to talk about debt

    Working within the Money Advice team, you can see people at their lowest. Whether it be low income, benefit delays, sanctions, benefit cap or debt.

    Added on 12th November 2018 |

  • Happy Halloween from ‘Scaremaker’ Court!

    Customers at Shoemaker Court, Rushden were in for a treat (not trick!) this Halloween as their annual Halloween party was taken over by Hogwarts’ wandering workshop! Children (Muggles) were invited to the workshop via hand delivered parchment from Hogwarts and were told to dress to impress.

    Added on 31st October 2018 |

  • #HousingDay 2018 – get involved!

    #HousingDay, the 24-hour social media event to celebrate the positive impact of social housing on millions of tenants, is taking place on Wednesday 10 October.

    Added on 3rd October 2018 |

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