Helping young customers realise their dreams

Some of our young customers are benefitting from financial support to help them set up a new home, attend interviews, access online training, or clear debts.  

Funds were also available to buy a holiday for a young family that has never had one.

Our Young People’s Floating Support Team has netted grants totalling over £10,000 from charitable organisations, with the money used to make a difference to young tenants’ lives – and their wellbeing.

Team Leader, Alieu Jallow, said: “The team works tirelessly on behalf of young customers between the ages of 16 and 25 who are in need. We are passionate about supporting them to realise their dreams and achieve independent living, so we’re really proud of what we have been able to access for them; it’s making a huge difference.

“These grants not only help our customers settle in their new homes, maintain their tenancies, reduce debt and help with college, but also help reduce stress and maintain mental wellbeing.”

Since January 2018, the team has accessed a range of grants to buy furniture, kitchen appliances and utensils to help young customers move into new tenancies and set up a home. Bus passes and smart clothing to enable young people to attend interviews for jobs, training and apprenticeships have also been purchased, along with laptops and internet access to help with their education and training.

Grant monies are also available to help clear rent arrears and maintain their tenancies and to repay other debts.  

The team is continuing to seek out grants to help young customers. 

If you live in Birmingham, are aged between 16 and 25 and would like to access this service, you can read more and contact the team here.

29th June 2018 | 2018