Working together to create a safer environment for all

Our customers have a responsibility to treat properties in a reasonable way and be a good neighbour and as your landlord, we have a responsibility to investigate any issues that affect the state of your property or cause nuisance to the community.

Together with our partners in Wolverhampton, we recently worked to resolve problems with anti-social behaviour at two of our properties that caused misery for the local community.

The zero-tolerance stance by us, the City of Wolverhampton Council and West Midlands Police, resulted in two long-standing tenants being evicted from their homes due to the nuisance and criminal behaviour of their sons.

Both families had lived on the same street for more than 20 years, during which time their sons were involved with a local gang and the possession and supply of class A drugs, openly sold in the area of the two properties.

Although neither tenant had been involved in their sons’ criminal behaviour, both had allowed their sons to continue living at the properties and this had contributed to the local area becoming a magnet for anti-social behaviour and criminal activity, creating an environment of fear and intimidation for other residents.

Vicki Brownhill, Operations Manager People Team, said: "These cases clearly show the consequences the actions of individuals in households can have on their family’s tenancy and also reassures other residents that action will be taken."

She added: "Our housing legal team supports the people team to resolve these type of complex anti-social behaviour cases. Legal action is always a last resort."

“In these particular cases, legal action has reduced nuisance and the risk of harm to the local community. Our message is strong and clear; anti-social behaviour is not tolerated and, where necessary, legal action will be taken.”

Karen Samuels, the City of Wolverhampton Council's Head of Community Safety, said: "The eviction of these tenants is the result of excellent partnership working by agencies to tackle a serious problem which was blighting the lives of law abiding residents.

"We want to make our communities safer and better places to live by addressing the root causes of crime and anti-social behaviour.

"These actions demonstrate how seriously the authorities take criminal activity and anti-social behaviour and sends out a very clear message – drug dealing on our estates will not be tolerated."

Insp Tracey Packham from Wolverhampton Police said: "This action by Midland Heart is part of our partnership approach to reduce the harm caused by drug dealing. It shows we are committed to longer term solutions for communities to allow them to live their lives without fear.

"It also sends a strong warning message to those involved in drug dealing that we will not tolerate their actions and will take every opportunity to work with partners to deprive them of their foothold in our communities."

You can find out more about Midland Heart's approach to anti-social behaviour here. If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour, you can report it online.

6th April 2018 | 2018