Des-res for prickly customer at retirement scheme

Fonteine CourtWe’re not only about quality homes for local people after staff at Fonteine Court retirement scheme safely housed a hedgehog.

Harry the hedgehog was found on the lawn of our Ross-on-Wye development after falling into hibernation before he had chance to find a nest for the winter.

Scheme manager Rod Reynolds took the apparently lifeless hedgehog to the local Vine Tree rescue centre where a vet checked him over and advised Harry was already in a deep sleep and needed a safe home if he was to survive.

With the help of residents John and David, Rod set to constructing Hogwarts House in the shrubbery to provide Harry with his own place of safety.  

“We’re thrilled to have been able to accommodate a new resident at Fonteine Court even though he’s a prickly customer,” said Rod. “Hopefully, with a dry, purpose-built shelter he will be protected from the elements and predators and will make it through to spring. Perhaps he will take up permanent residence now he has a proper home to live in.”

With Bonfire Night celebrations approaching, Midland Heart is advising its tenants of the safety tips they can follow to avoid any mishaps. Action includes ensuring any wildlife, particularly hedgehogs, have not crawled into an unlit bonfire of branches, leaves and wood believing it to be the perfect place to curl up and hibernate.

Residents are urged to check their garden bonfire and gently prod it with a stick to flush out any wildlife before setting it alight.

For more information on how to protect hedgehogs and other hibernating creatures go to the RSPCA website here.  


29th October 2019 | 2019