Getting involved opened doors for Eric

When Eric was homeless, he met a member of staff who showed him around one of our supported living schemes, St Eugene’s Court, and arranged for him to move in. He’d been through a tough time and having a roof over his head give him new opportunities.

“I lost everything including my money and my house. I’d been homeless and sofa surfing for about five years so moving into St Eugene’s helped me to get back on my feet.”

After living at St Eugene’s for a while and getting involved in customer activities, Eric decided to become an involved customer where he worked with the Customer Scrutiny team to shape and improve the services we provide.

“It’s fantastic being an involved customer and I would recommend it to everyone – it keeps my brain active and I love visiting the different schemes and meeting other customers and staff.”

Whilst out at one of our retirement living schemes helping to review a policy, Eric found his dream home.

“Sarah, one of the Customer Scrutiny Officers, took me to Penmaker’s Court for a meeting and when I was there I fell in love with the place. I waited for a flat to come up and when it did, I jumped at the chance to move in.

“Moving to Penmaker’s has been the best thing that has happened to me. I love the staff, visitors, customers and the atmosphere. I work in the on-site shop and get a lot from doing this. Being an involved customer has done a lot for me!”

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15th August 2019 | 2019