How can we tackle homelessness, together?

Earlier this year, the Government asked for views on a new consultation about homelessness - "Tackling Homelessness Together". They asked how councils and other local and regional bodies can best work together to prevent the growing problem of homelessness.

We're pleased to see the Government recognising that homelessness isn't simply a housing issue and there are many factors that cause people to become homeless. Addiction and mental illness, for example, need to be treated and the right support provided before people can move towards living independently.

In our response to the consultation, we talk in more detail about why local organisations should join up to support people who are homeless, or are at risk of losing their home. We also welcome the Government's idea of Homelessness Reduction Boards, which would give local bodies more powers to prevent homelessness, and would make homeless services more consistent up and down the country.

You can read our full response here.

Or find out more about the Government's consultation here.

14th June 2019 | 2019