Let's make a new deal for renting

The Government wants to make changes to how the relationship between landlords and tenants works in the future, and they’ve asked housing providers what we think.

The main theme of the Government’s “A New Deal for Renting” consultation is whether Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988, which makes “no fault” evictions possible, should be abolished. Section 21 can be used to unfairly evict tenants on assured shorthold tenancies (known as ASTs) without having to give them a reason.

We are comfortable with scrapping Section 21 notices and ASTs because we believe tenants should feel secure in their home. However, we think good landlords should be able to evict tenants quickly and easily if they do not stick to their tenancy agreement, for example, where antisocial behaviour causes neighbours to suffer.

The main things we think would help are:

  • A specialist housing court, staffed by experts, that can deal with cases quickly and free up the county courts for other matters
  • Allowing landlords to enter a property without the tenant’s permission if there’s a serious safety issue inside that could harm others
  • Enabling a break clause after an agreed period of time, so housing providers like us can still have a probationary period in new tenancies.

You can read our full, 12-page response here.

Or learn more about the Government’s consultation here


12th October 2019 | 2019