What makes a "Great Place"?

Housing industry body The National Housing Federation (NHF) has been looking at the role housing associations like us can play in building communities. They’ve published a report about their findings so far – the “Great Places” interim report – and asked for our input on it.

We’re happy that the NHF recognises the importance of being a good landlord and of building as many new affordable homes as we can, but we’ve warned that every housing association is different and there’s no single answer that will work for all neighbourhoods.

In our response to the NHF, we explain how partnerships between housing associations and housebuilders are important in building quality homes where people are proud to live. We also talk about our customer scrutiny arrangements, where tenants play a key role in decision-making and ensuring we do what we say we will.

You can read our full response here (eight pages).

Or find out more about the Great Places report.

11th May 2019 | 2019