Customer Annual Report 19/20

Our Customer Annual Report for 2019/20 is now available.

The report showcases the work that we’ve taken on during 2019/20 from important refurbishments to ensuring a better customer experience. We’ve broken down our performance over the last year into our key areas to demonstrate how we’re delivering on our plan, they are;

 People focused
We want to be a truly great place to work and build your career. We will retain and attract the right people by rewarding, recognising
and growing our colleagues.

Safe & strong

We will remain financially strong and maintain our focus on safety. We will spend money wisely, investing in the things that matter most to our customers

Investing in homes

Investing in our homes is our customers’ number one priority and will sit at the centre of everything we do.

Growth & Partnership

The Midlands needs more affordable homes. We are committed to building as many as we can over the next five years.

Service First

Our customers have told us they expect a first-class service. We will ensure our services are responsive and we get things right first time.

We’re in a strong position to deliver the next year of our plan which ensures that you are at the heart of everything that we do and we are proud of the progress that we’ve made so far but know there is much more we can do together.

So what have we achieved this year;

We’ve developed our customer app , maintained our homes to a high standard, provided services to our customers that help them to live fulfilling and independent lives, plus much more.

We could not have made these improvements without your help in shaping the services we delivered. Over the last year your feedback through over 14,000 surveys has helped to improve the things that matter most to you.

Take a look at our report

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10th November 2020 | 2020