Customer feedback and involvement makes a difference

Customer feedback really does make a difference as shown by the 750 customers whose views helped create an action plan to enhance fire safety in our retirement living schemes.

After reviewing all the feedback, our Customer Scrutiny Panel made a series of recommendations. One key outcome is the introduction of meetings at schemes to give customers opportunity to discuss safety measures such as fire evacuation routes and assembly points, lighting and the provision of firefighting equipment.

There have been almost 50 meetings, attended by over 130 customers, in the past 12 months and comments received show they are pleased with the information they received and feel reassured.

Earlier this year, 8,000 pieces of customer satisfaction feedback plus almost 150 responses from a survey on repair recalls helped to shape recommendations on how we can reduce the number of recalls.  

Our customers are monitoring how we implement these recommendations and in June were able to see new weekly reports that give a more accurate picture of recalls so that steps can be taken to lower the number.

Further, almost 230 customers gave their views about diversity in retirement living to enable us to understand how we can make our schemes more inclusive for our Black, Asian and minority ethnic customers.

The recommendations included ensuring we implement inclusion action plans, reviewing the way we promote and brand our Retirement Living and Care offer and encouraging more customers to disclose their diversity information.

One of our most involved customers, Michael Harris, pictured above, said: “I actually feel the work we do makes a’s refreshing to find a large organisation that is willing to listen – and to be held accountable by its customers.”

You can get your voice heard too and help shape our services. Our scrutiny team offers customers a range of ways to get involved and you can “pick and mix” depending on what you want to do, the topics you are interested in and how much time you have to spare.   

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29th July 2020 | 2020