Helping our customers feel safe in their homes

We’ve teamed up with West Midlands Fire Service to provide free Safe and Well checks to help our customers feel safe in their homes.

From September onwards trained fire service staff will visit people in their own home to give personalised advice about how to reduce their fire risk and potentially save their own and their family’s lives.

Safe and Well visits are being offered to all our existing and new customers living in the West Midlands who are identified to be at higher risk from fire in their home because of their health, vulnerability or lifestyle choices.

This includes those who have:

  • sight or hearing difficulties
  • a long-term illness
  • a medical condition that requires oxygen at home
  • a disability and/or mobility difficulties
  • learning difficulties
  • sensory disability
  • mental health issues
  • alcohol or drug dependency

Other factors may also increase fire risk such as smoking.

Existing customers we identify as being at higher risk will get a text from us asking if they consent to a Safe and Well visit by the fire service. New customers at higher risk will be asked to consent as part of the process of becoming our tenant.

Christopher Luke, Head of Building Compliance, said: “Customer safety is a top priority for us and we aim to go above and beyond to make sure our tenants feel safe in the homes where they live. Social housing landlords are not legally required to offer these Safe and Well checks but we believe it’s the right thing to do to help protect our more vulnerable customers as well as our properties.”

He explained that we had developed a system to identify fire risk factors and automatically flag up customers who could benefit from expert safety advice and guidance tailored to their personal circumstances and the type of property they live in.

“Evidence shows that factors such as a person’s health, wellbeing and lifestyle choices can increase the risk of a fire occurring in their home and our partnership with West Midlands Fire Service gives us a great opportunity to raise awareness of fire safety and offer practical, simple, cost-free steps that our customers can take to reduce their risk,” he added.

To find out more visit our fire safety page



19th August 2020 | 2020