Tackling employment and pay gaps in social housing

The government has acknowledged that people who live in social housing don’t seem to have the same opportunities as others when it comes to finding a good job.

A group of MPs called the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Housing and Employment has been set up to look into this, and they’ve asked housing associations like us for our thoughts.

We think there’s lots that housing associations can do to help our customers achieve their potential and better support themselves and their families, but we need some help from the Government.

In our response to the APPG’s consultation, we told them:

  • The most important thing is to make attractive diverse neighbourhoods where people feel hopeful and are surrounded by good role models and support.
  • That means we need to build more homes, and think about how we allocate them so we have a good mix of different types of household, such as working families or those who need a bit more support.
  • For more vulnerable people who aren’t able to keep a tenancy or a job, we need to make sure there’s enough quality temporary accommodation, with properly-funded support services, to help get them on the right track.
  • Travel can sometimes be a big barrier to taking up work and study. Building more affordable homes near to workplaces and colleges will make it easier for people on low incomes or with caring responsibilities to get to work or complete a course.

You can read our whole response to the APPG (nine pages) here.

1st July 2020 | 2020