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  • Black History Month

    The lockdown period made it more challenging for us to celebrate as much as we would have liked last year. So we're very excited to be able to get out and about and celebrate with some of our customers this month.

    Added on 1st October 2021 |

  • National Scrutiny Week

    We take customer scrutiny very seriously and have a dedicated team who work closely with our involved customers to make sure we do what we say we will.

    Added on 27th September 2021 |

  • Tackling tenancy fraud

    With social housing in short supply, it’s important that our homes are only lived in by the people they are intended for. Al, one of our Tenancy Services Officer's explains what tenancy fraud is and why we need to tackle it.

    Added on 14th September 2021 |

  • My Story: Aaron Peacock

    Arron didn't have the easiest start to life and fell in with the wrong crowd whilst growing up in care. After being given a second chance to live at one of our supported Living schemes he managed to turn his life around.

    Added on 3rd September 2021 |

  • Dates for your diary

    On Wednesday 28 July and Wednesday 4 August our repairs hub will be closed so that we can deliver important training sessions for our teams.

    Added on 18th August 2021 |

  • I will always remember your kindness

    98-year-old Trevor has been living at Timbermill Court, our Retirement Living scheme in Harborne (Birmingham), for over 27 years. His daughter Marilyn explained how our colleagues’ outstanding customer service has not only had a positive impact on her dad but for the rest of the family too…

    Added on 6th August 2021 |

  • Bringing our repairs in house

    Our In-House Maintenance Team (IHMT) will be taking over the repairs contract from Fortem on 3rd August 2021. If Fortem is your regular contractor, the only difference you'll notice will be the operative’s uniform.

    Added on 26th July 2021 |

  • Reviewing our ASB policy

    Last month, we asked you for your views so that we could use them to update our ASB policy. Your feedback is very important and it will help us to understand what’s working and what we can do better.

    Added on 21st July 2021 |

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