Restorative Justice helps bring peace back to customer’s home

An elderly customer was helped to resolve concerns with her neighbour through Restorative Justice, by one of our members of staff. 

The 72 year old was referred to Sacha Johnson, Restorative Justice Co-ordinator by Vicky Francis of the People Team, following concerns that her neighbour had been playing loud music and even had people fighting outside their property. 

The reasons behind the elderly customer’s concerns were that she was suffering from cancer so needed her rest, and lack of sleep was making her feel low. One thing that helped improve their mood was gardening, but there was an incident where the neighbour’s dog ran into her garden and caused damage to her fence and plants. This upset her greatly. 

Despite this, the customer had still helped her neighbour on numerous occasions and insisted that she didn’t want her neighbour evicted.

Sacha said: “Restorative Justice (RJ) aims to resolve issues between two parties by discussing the harm and impact caused by their actions in the hope that they can come to an agreement to change their behaviour. This is done in two ways - RJ conferencing and shuttle RJ. 

“RJ conferencing involves the two parties meeting face to face and discussing the issues, whereas shuttle RJ still discusses the issues, but the responses are relayed back and forth by the coordinator.” 

After Sacha had explained the options, the customer opted for shuttled as she has problems with her mobility. 
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Sacha said: “I then visited her neighbour to hear her perspective; she was very honest and accepted that her behaviour and the behaviour of her visitors had affected her neighbours.  She was upset to hear the impact that the issues had been having on the customer and she was aware that she had cancer. Hearing the direct impact that it she was having lead her to suggest ways in which she will make the situation better.” 

The neighbour suggested some improvements that could be made to help, which the customer agreed to and signed a document which confirmed these agreements. 

After three months, Sacha checked on the customer to see the outcome and was pleased to find the customer over the moon. 

The customer said: ““I have not heard a peep, it has been glorious, it is back to being a lovely quiet road. Thank you for your support.” 

Restorative Justice Week is running from 19 November, so look out this week for more examples and insights on how it can help our customers. 

If you know of any cases of ASB where you think Restorative Justice could help contact us.

21st November 2018 | Customer News | News