2015 has been a year of change and new challenges for Mitch Gore

Mitch, 21, started working at the Houghton Project and just two weeks later left home for the first time, moving into a smart new flat at Red Coat Close, Hereford. Future Voice talked to him and his mother Lisa to find out how Mitch’s life has improved in the past few months.

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Mitch’s story

“I’ve been coming to the Houghton Project since May and I do all sorts of jobs from helping mend fencing to working with the animals. I do whatever jobs I’m asked to do. “I did a Level 2 Agriculture course at college so this job is perfect for me. I’m very happy here and I’ve got to know everyone"

“I moved into Red Coat Close two weeks after starting here and I settled in very quickly. I prefer living on my own because it means I don’t have to ask my parents if I want to do things. “My friends all went to university and although I see them in the holidays, I didn’t have much to do at home.

“Now, as well as working, I go to the gym every day doing cardio and weights and I’m planning to do a static bike ride for Children in Need. I’m aiming to cycle 200 miles in a week.

Lisa’s story

“We were very worried about Mitch. He felt left behind when his friends went to university and that he was going nowhere with his life with nothing to look forward to. “Mitch has Atypical Autism and mild leaning difficulties and while he might seem fine, once you get to know him it becomes apparent that he does need support to do small tasks and finds it difficult to organise himself.

“One day last year he said he wanted to move out, but because we have never looked outside the family for help, I didn’t have a clue where he could go. “We spoke to Social Services which put us in touch with Midland Heart last September, and suddenly everything began to move very fast. “It has all worked out brilliantly. Mitch is very happy at the Houghton Project and his accommodation is fantastic, with just the right support he needs. “Having his own place has given him a lot of confidence and everything else has slotted into place.

“Of course I was worried about him moving out and initially I had hoped he could stay within the village. But living in town means he has access to more facilities and is better for him in the long run. “He still phones up a lot for advice but I have realised that Mitch doesn’t need me as much as I thought he does. “Moving out has been the making of him and I can’t thank the team at Midland Heart enough.”


Set on a picturesque 200-acre site between Hereford and Leominster, the Houghton Project provides opportunities for anyone, regardless of age or ability. This inclusive farm enterprise offers everyone a wide range of rural activities from working with animals and growing vegetables to woodcraft and working in the woods. The friendly and supportive team help to create an environment where people can blossom, learn new skills and build self-reliance and relationships. Learn more by checking out its

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