A year of success for the Customer Hub

24.03.17Midland Heart _0100This week, the Customer Hub are celebrating their first successful year.

Launched on 4 July 2016, the hub, which was set up as a direct gateway for customers to contact the customer service team, has seen a reduction in call volumes by up to 1,000 calls per week and customer satisfaction rates maintained at 85 per cent.

A major change saw the team becoming more digitally focused, allowing them to engage with customers via social media channels - Twitter and Facebook.

Sarah Clarke, Operations Manager, said: “In the previous customer service centre we saw a lot of contact because we weren’t always effective in the way we managed calls. The team often acted like a messenger service passing on calls to other parts of the business.

“Now our aim is to be more efficient by delivering a good customer experience, first contact resolution and reduce avoidable contact.”

The team deal with a wide range of issues such as anti-social behaviour, safeguarding, tenancy issues and fly tipping/hazards. They are also the first point of contact for all Homes Direct and income queries.

Team Leader, Gavin Baker said: “We have removed traditional barriers and empowered staff to find new and better ways of working, allowing them to take ownership of resolving customer issues and encouraging them to interact naturally with customers and deliver an improved customer experience.

To date the team have dealt with over 293,000 calls, over 22,000 emails and resolved 81 percent of queries at the first point of contact.

Over the next year, the team will continue to concentrate on avoidable contacts and first contact resolution, promoting self-service and online resources to solve issues and ensuring the best possible service to our customers.

4th July 2017 | 2017 | Press Releases